In Clever Climb Adventures El Chorro we do all the necessary for you to enjoy and have fun like never before practicing mountain activities and your experience with us an unforgettable one for the whole family.



ROCK CLIMBING: Climbing lessons for beginners and for those that have tried rock climbing before and want to improve their technique or raise their level. Clever Climb Adventures WILL HELP YOU TO GET IT THERE!


CLIMBING CAMPS in the heart of El Chorro. All inclusive, accomodation, board, climbing equipment and best instructors to lead you over any of the 2000 routes. SPEND YOUR HOLIDAYS WITH US! Contact us for the details.


HIKING: El Chorro has plenty of trails to practice your favorite sport, hiking, including the famous Caminito Del Rey. At the same time you will enjoy stunning views and will get to know its true history. Enjoy with Clever Climb Adventures our wonderful natural park, BEAUTIFUL!


MOUNTAIN BIKE: In El Chorro you will find many specific itineraries to practice and enjoy new routes designed for you and your mountain bike. Clever Climb Adventures WILL BE YOUR BEST GUIDE!


VIAS FERRATAS: Around El Chorro you will be able to enjoy of the experience and incredible views that the Vias Ferratas offer you. Climb a ladder anchored to the wall supervised by the experienced Clever Climb Adventures instructors that will lead you down the path with specific equipment. You will be amazed with every meter you advance. A normal day for you, with Clever Climb Adventures can become unforgettable... DO YOU DARE?


PARAGLIDING: Flights in "Tandem" with the best professionals in the Guadalhorce valley. More than 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of flying to make you feel safe from your first flight. Enjoy the silence and the relaxation, hundreds meters high from the ground that paragliding has to offer. With Clever Climb Adventures, you'll feel like a bird… YOU WILL FLY!


SPELEOLOGY: Immerse yourself with Clever Climb Adventures in a real trip to the center of the earth. With the help of our instructors, you will find another world that exists under your feet. An incredible experience for those who want to dare to enter the impressive caves existing in our immediate environment and that you never imagined that were there ...UNBELIEVABLE!


-       15% discount for schools.

-       10% discount for University.

-       Offers in multiadventure vacations that include activities, accommodation, breakfast, lunch or picnic and dinner (All inclusive) for a fixed price. A very economical for you to enjoy a few days in the mountains.

-       Also for groups from outside of Spain.

-       Contact us and inform yourself…WE ARE ALL OVER EUROPE!