Clever Climb

El Chorro lies in the heart of a natural park located in the Guadalhorce valley, in the Gaintanes Gorge. El Chorro belongs to the Malaga village called Álora, located to 50 km from Málaga city. The proximity of Malaga city and the good train connection enables us to not only enjoy of the mountains but to visit our coasts and beaches in only 45 minutes.

By car from Malaga we will take the A-357 road. In the Zalea village crossing we will turn to the right to Alora village (A-7077 road), we going through Alora and in his exit we will find a advertising to El Chorro 12 km (MA-444 road),this is the faster way. Also we can go by Ardales village, for that, we will pass the Zalea village crossing, when we will be arriving to Ardales village, following the main road we will find a crossing to the right with the advertising to El Chorro (MA- 444 road) in 8 km more we will find another crossing which indicates El Chorro to the right. This itinerary is longer but even more comfortable ... less curves.

From Antequera village, we will get the road El Torcal direction, just when we are in the exit of the village we will find a crossing which indicates Valle de Abdalajis village (A-343 road), ones we will arrive to this village we will find another advertising to El Chorro to the right (MA-226 road). this is the faster way from Antequera village but with curves. If we want to go by Campillos village, more comfortable road but longer, we will get from Antequera village to Campillos direction (A-348 road). just before we will arrive to Campillos village we will find a crossing to the left (A-357 road), Málaga direction, in 9 km we will find a crossing to the left “embalses del conde de Guadalhorce”, we will follow this road and in 6 km we will find another crossing which indicates El Chorro to the left.

 From the airport by train. Right at the airport have a train stop, cercanias, we take the train to Malaga, these trains run every twenty minutes, we got off at the main station in Malaga (Maria Zambrano), then change train and take the average distance (media distancia), to El Chorro direction. There are two trains a day from Malaga to El Chorro, one leaves Malaga at 10.oo arriving in El Chorro at 10.45, the other leaves Malaga at 16.45 arriving at 17.30 t. IF w El Chorro. To go from the airport by car. Exit the airport and take the N340 road . Let Malaga direction but we did not enter in the city, just before reaching the city will see a turnoff to the right which indicates Granada, Cartama, etc. We take this detour that will take us to the road of Cártama (A-357), once there, follow the instructions that we facilitate to you earlier to go from Malaga to El Chorro.

.El Chorro is a ideal place for all who likes the mountain, in fact, it is one of the most important zone of Europe or, perhaps, of the world to practice the sport climbing but also we can enjoy of classics climbing and free climbing, if to this we add it clime (around 20 degrees in winter and 35 degrees in summer aprox) perfect to do mountains activities it will give us the chance to practice it during all the year. El chorro have right now more than 2000 climbing routs, even for beginners than for those that have experience yet in climbing.

Addition to the existing rock, limestone rock ,also we have to have a special mention to his flora and fauna. In his flora we will find autochthonous plants of the place. they are protected species because this is the only place around the world where you can find them like the “Hipocrespi” or “Ruphicapnos Africana”.

In his fauna we will find multiple animal species, also autochthonous of El Chorro like boar, civet cats, otters, mountain goats, etc. also exist numerous species of birds like griffon vulture, lesser kestrel, hawks, etc all released, in this way it is not strange to see different species when we are hiking or doing mountains activities in the natural park of El Chorro.