Come climb to the South of Spain with Clever Climb!

Clever Adventures Climb adventure is a sports company located in Malaga. We offer you a complete immersion experience in a stunning natural setting, El Chorro, by practicing climbing, hiking and other adventure sports. Clever Climb Adventures is climbing, is hiking, paragliding ... But Clever Climb is much more. Clever Climb is adventure in nature! We offer our activities in a privileged environment where you can practice climbing in one of the best areas in Europe and most likely in the world. We have the best limestone walls in southern Europe and our pleasant weather will permanently invite you to live outdoors and gives you the opportunity to enjoy adventures sports any time of the year.

We take care of everything you need. We provide all the necessary equipment for you to practice the activity you choose. We can even arrange transportation and accommodation for you to spend a few days with us enjoying nature.

In Clever Climb Adventures we teach climbing, but above all, we teach climbing in complete security that`s why we hire only with best instructors with extensive experience.  We take you climbing in areas equipped or supervised by us, so we ensure that the best security requirements are met for you to practice climbing safely.

If you prefer to take it slow, we will take you through beautiful trails on foot or mountain bike, so you enjoy the spectacular scenery and unique native wildlife and flora.

By climbing you can see the world differently practicing sports in a safe environment surrounded by nature. It is an adventure, a passion and a challenge for you. Climbing is unique sport that will give the satisfaction and fun like you never felt before. Climbing is a sport that more and more people join every year. Feeling the energy that can give you to believe in yourself and your possibilities will make you think and develop your mind upgrading every meter. The practice of climbing puts your body and mind outdoors  to activate your 5 senses. It is a healthy and a fun way to spend your holidays.

Our activity center is located in El Chorro that has currently over 2000 climbing routes at your disposal. Clever Climb Adventures designed and equipped new climbing sectors so you can learn to practice the sport in a fun way and will never get bored because we will take you to different areas every day so you can enjoy new ways, new views, and new sensations.

The most important, famous, iconic and most visited place in el El Chorro the Caminito del Rey. It is a spectacular hanging path traveling along limestone walls over 100 meters high. Clever Climb Adventures has actively contributed to the installation of security systems (steel cables, anchors, etc) as well as the “via ferrata” to access it and to make this incredible way more accessible to everyone, not just for climbers. From here you can admire unforgettable views and see all the beauty that El Chorro offers you. (El Caminito del Rey is currently being rehabilitated).

Clever Climb Adventures want you to enjoy the mountain and hope to see you around here soon ... SEE YOU SOON!