About us

About us

Clever  Adventures Climb is an adventure sports company located 30 kilometers from Malaga, in El Chorro. We are one of the pioneers in the field of multi-adventure activities in Andalusia, with more than ten years of experience giving climbing courses and conducting activities in the mountains.

Our passion, the mountains, reflects in our experience.  We are mountain professionals, our instructors have extensive experience acquired over more than twenty years climbing in different places around the world. But above all, we are mountain climbers and we love our work.

Clever Adventures Climb is always equipping new sectors, new ways so you may fully enjoy the sport safely.

Clever Adventures Climb has been many years actively collaborating with the local authorities in mountain rescue. We are mountain professionals and help where we can. Clever Adventures Climb is always available. The authorities trust us for our seniority and experience.

We organize events in the mountain, climbing meetings, etc. Through them we promote the region so that every year more people come to see our amazing natural park, El Chorro. We also collaborate with the local media, newspapers and television.

We are in the South of Spain.  Our culture is rooted in the mountains but also to our traditions. One of the most famously known flamenco music is a part of our lives and it is not surprising that after a long day of climbing we may be able to enjoy spontaneous mini live concerts that arise in a reunion of friends. Andalucía and its people are open to make everything fun. Our hospitality will make you feel like at home. Visiting us you will realize that it is one our ways to express our feelings. Just come over and spend a few days full of fun with Clever Climb Adventures.

We would like that you discover the wonderful world of climbing and all that this sport has to offer. We provide unforgettable experiences, challenges that are within your reach. Therefore, we invite you to visit us and check out all the adventure sports that our land offers you.

Kind regards.